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This blog is a mix of my own work, along with the work of others that inspires me or just things I like.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Say Something...

So we've been lucky enough to have the illustrator Marcus Oakley come in to do a t-shirt design workshop with us.
We were told to draw. No computers or anything to help us. Just draw from your head.
These were the themes he gave us.

1. No More War
2. Be Nice To Trees
3. Add Some Music To Your Day
4. Keep Your Teeth Clean
5. Good Humour Is Good
6. Ride Bicycles
7. Keep Britain Tidy
8. Hug A Hoodie
9. Slow Down/ Go Fast
10. Rain Is Great
11. Keep It Smooth
12. Wear A Hat
13. Read Books

Below are just a few ideas I had. They were taken on Photobooth, hence the bad lighting.

On Thursday we're going to put our designs onto tees, it should be pretty rad. I'm probably going to do the 'Rain Is Great' design.

Here is some work of Marcus Oakley. So good.

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