I'm Melissa Riley. I'm in my first year at Arts University College Bournemouth studying for a BA Hons in Illustration.
This blog is a mix of my own work, along with the work of others that inspires me or just things I like.

Monday, 15 March 2010

A Good Start To The Day

Today was good. We had a group meeting and have all decided what we're going to do for our 5 ideas, and have, after much discussion, decided how we're going to display our final pieces. Now we're decided the final size, 19cmx19cm, I can start to plan my final pieces.
Natasha and I were just looking through all of The Supremes songs and stumbled across a song called Buttered Popcorn, we were so happy to find a song that's not about love!! I think I'm going to look into using this song as one of my pages.

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