I'm Melissa Riley. I'm in my first year at Arts University College Bournemouth studying for a BA Hons in Illustration.
This blog is a mix of my own work, along with the work of others that inspires me or just things I like.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Talk Time

We had a group evaluation today. There were 4 groups, we all laid out our work and went around commenting on what was successful and what could be changed about everyone's work. It was good to see what everyone else had done and what people thought of your own work. I'm changing part of my popcorn idea after someone said to think about not to use 'The Supremes' in such an obvious way.
I had put out my sequin image, and drafts of my other ideas. My image that's to be stencil cut out, one that I plan to project in a wall, and another in which I plan to have material showing through cut out text. Below are just some drafts or the start of my finals.

(Sorry about the bad quality picture, it's off Photobooth)

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