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Friday, 5 March 2010

Group Meeting

We had a tutorial with Sharon today and spoke about what we plan to do as our group project. We had previously mentioned making a zine, however we thought it was better to say we planned to create an artist book, as we felt this would give us more leeway as to what we did for each page and we wouldn't have to worry about each page necessarily being 2-D or too lo-fi. We have thought about making the book into a record size, reflecting the time of The Supremes fame.
After our tutorial we discussed what we each wanted to do, and came to the conclusion that the girls wanted to do the glamourous side (eeek!!) and the boys wanted to look more into the political side surrounding The Supremes at the time of their fame.
This works just fine for me :) I think I'm going to look into some of their songs I like the most and think about how I can portray the text within a set page size.

Sharon also mentioned looking at Shonagh Rae for her screen prints as we expressed some interest in print making.

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